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我猜你的疑惑是“一致性”,所以不太看得懂。 此处的uniformity正确的翻译应该是“单调性”“单一性”。 所以正确翻译是:与地球上其他作物不同,(这种作物某方面的)单调性(这种单调性是一种缺陷)使得它更加容易遭受病变。

In autumn ,the mountains are orange ,crop `fruite and so on are ripe,this season is so busy, I love my hometown , In winter , the whole world...

The ripe apples picked easily.成熟的苹果易于采摘n.(名词)The act of ...the pick of the crop.收成中的上品The amount or quantity of a crop that...

Toro' to insure cross pollination, larger fruit set and a dependable crop....Ripe blueberries have white or greenish flesh, while bilberries and huckle...


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